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We remove these barriers.

We are experts in trade management and facilitate the building of strategic partnerships

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Crafting Relationships

We use creative and innovative ways to develop new and existing relationships with potential clients across the industry. Orchestrating opportunities along the way.

Cultural Wisdom

We have a deep knowledge and understanding of the Middle-East's unique culture and business environment, and leverage this to provide exceptional service to our clients.

Market Intelligence

We develop the exporting capabilities of Western manufacturers and help with the business development of companies in the Middle East. Simplifying the experience.

We deliver growth.

Here's how we'll carve your path to success

We go beyond distribution services...

Unlike other distributors we not only possess marketing and sales expertise but also in-house manufacturing, on-site contracting and project management expertise, which enables us to provide a better service and build long term relationships.

Unlike other distributors who can’t think beyond the word "Sales" and do not understand the concept of "Great Customer Experience", we are always there to provide support to our customers from the start of the project till its end.

So whether you are looking to distribute, form a joint-venture or invest in the Middle East with minimum hassle, then we can help.

Our unique approach

helps us to choreograph the best customer experience


We focus on building and nurturing relationships before we do business. We use innovation and design to sustain and build relations


We are absolutely obsessed with innovation. Using it to provide valuable services to our clients and partners. Always striving to find creative ways to implement new technology and improve how we do things.


We use design thinking to really empathise with our clients. Consequently we integrate your needs with what is technologically feasible and economically viable.

We build your presence in the Middle East

and transform industries along the way

The partnerships we form and the people we connect with come from distinctly different backgrounds, mindsets and cultures. Being able to make them work together and create best of class processes is what makes us get out of bed everyday.

Our mission is to transform industries in the Middle East such as construction, design, education and healthcare by bringing innovative concepts, products and services to the Middle East. Soon we intend to provide business development services for businesses in these industries apart from the construction industry.

We are passionate about the transfer and diffusion of technology and knowledge across continents. We take this expertise and transfer it from an area where it is not being utilised to its full potential to an area where it can be utilised to a greater extent. We always "keep an eye out" for new technologies so we can make the most of them in our target market.

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